TVS winter Hot Offer

You are known that all mos every year TVS Auto Bangladesh declare Winter Offer.This year 2019 they declare Winter Hot Offer on their bikes up to BDT 12000.

The structure of the offer is as

  1. Apache RTR 4V Single Disc regular price-BDT 1,86,900 and offer price-BDT-1,76,900
  2. Apache RTR DD regular price-BDT-2,04,900 and offer price-BDT-1,96,900
  3. Apache RTR 160 Single Disc regular price-BDT-1,74,900 and offer price-BDT-1,64,900
  4. Apache RTR 160 Double Disc regular price-BDT-1,81,900 and offer price-BDT-1,71,900
  5. Apache RTR 160 Single Disc regular(Matt & Glossy) price-BDT-1,74,900 and offer price-BDT-1,62,900
  6. Stryker 125cc regular price-BDT 1,23,900 and offer price-BDT-1,18,900
  7. Metro Plus Disc regular price-BDT-1,16,900 and offer price-BDT-1,07,900
  8. Metro Plus Drum regular price-BDT-1,09,900 and offer price-BDT-1,00,900
  9. Metro Plus 100cc ES regular price-BDT-94,900 and offer price-BDT-89,900
  10. Metro Plus 100cc KS regular price-BDT-88,900 and offer price-BDT-84,900
  11. XL-100 ES regular price is as BDT-69,900 and offer price is as BDT-66,900
  12. XL-100 KS regular price is as BDT-59,900 and offer price is as BDT-56,900

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