Honda CBR 150R

Honda Motorcycle

Honda Motorcycle is Japanese Brand and its very demanded in Bangladeshi Market because of wide ranges of model & colour and second cause is competitive price. Honda Motorcycles have no doubt about its quality and recently Honda Bangladesh set up factory in Bangladesh that why price going down for reaching all types of customers end.

Honda Motorcycle Model & Price in Bangladesh:

  • Honda CBR Motogp Edition

    Honda CBR Motogp Edition

  • Honda CB Hornet 160R

    Honda CB Hornet 160R

  • Honda CBR 150R

    Honda CBR 150R

  • Honda CB Shine SP

    Honda CB Shine SP

  • Honda CB Trigger

    Honda CB Trigger

  • Honda DIO Scooty

    Honda DIO Scooty

  • Honda Dream Neo

    Honda Dream Neo

  • Honda Livo

    Honda Livo

ModelRetail Price
Honda CB Hornet 160R CBS2,01,800
Honda CB Hornet 160R SD1,89,800
Honda CBR 150R ABS Motogp4,80,000
Honda CBR 150R Repsol4,52,000
Honda CBR 150R Matte Black4,50,000
Honda CB Shine1,36,000
Honda CB Shine SP1,26,000
Honda CB Trigger DD1,91,000
Honda CB Trigger SD1,71,000
Honda Dream Neo97,000
Honda Livo Digital Disc1,16,000
Honda Livo Disc1,16,000
Honda Livo Drum1,07,000
Honda Dio(Scooty)1,39,000

Honda CBR 150R Motogp Edition: Tk. 4,80,000

Features & Specifications

Honda CBR 150R Matte Black: Tk. 4,50,000

Features & Specifications

Honda CB Hornet 160R DD: Tk. 2,01,800

Honda CB Hornet 160R SD: Tk. 1,89,800

Features & Specifications

Honda CB Trigger DD: Tk. 1,91,000

Honda CB Trigger DD: Tk. 1,71,000

Features & Specifications

Honda CB Shine SP: Tk. 1,26,900

Features & Specifications

Honda Livo Disc: Tk. 1,16,000

Honda Livo Drum: Tk. 1,07,000

Features & Specifications

Honda Dream Neo: Tk. 97,000

Features & Specifications

Honda Dio Scooty: Tk. 1,39,900

Features & Specifications

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